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McDonald's Monopoly Rare Pieces Golden Chances

McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces Golden Chances

Welcome to the best McDonald’s Monopoly information website. This year’s McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances starts on the 18th of March 2015 and is giving away a great range of prizes and cash, both in-store and online!

We stay on top of the rare pieces and stickers needed to win you prizes each and every year, across the competition.

Check out our Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces chart to see if you have a winning piece.

Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces 2015

What Golden Chances' Stickers Have You Got?

What Golden Chances’ Stickers Have You Got?

Each year we compose a list of rare pieces, and it’s with our fantastic communities support that we are able to verify this list.

We also use the poll to get some great insights into the competition that will help assist you in playing! Such as odds of winning!

Stay on top of the competition this year with us, and never miss out on a chance to win, by entering our poll and tell us what stickers you’ve got today!

ENTER NOW: Golden Chances’ Sticker Poll

McDonald's Monopoly Golden Chances Prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances Prizes 2015

This year McDonalds Monopoly are giving away a ton of prizes and over a million pounds! Find out what you can win, what you need to win and how to win with our prize list.

Our prize list is clear and easy to read, showing you exactly what you need to win.

Prizes can also be won online so don’t forget to comment and tell us if you win!

McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances Prizes

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